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Wayne Westphal Barrow is a father husband and author whose articles have been published in Barbados’ New Bajan Magazine.  He has written for the leading Guyanese Newspapers dealing with a range of social issues along with the creation and production of a 12-episodes television show dealing with the role of Information and Communication Technology in Guyana.

When he is not facilitating Self-Reliance courses, business coaching or counselling, he relaxes by creating items of sustainable craft made from natural fibers and fabric.

Mr. Barrow studied Management Information Systems at West London College, UK and is a graduate of OBS Business School, University of Barcelona, Spain with a Masters in Project Management.

He is the author of Guyana’s Elections 2020: The 153-Days Saga and Carry on Smartly: Ditch the Covid-19 Blues and Carry on Smartly: But Is It True?